forex strömstad The Club holds a regularly scheduled net each week on Saturday night at 7pm on the SMRC linked repeater system.  The net is a directed net, and open to all licensed amateur operators.  Informal round-tables and other operating activities occasionally take place following the formal portion of the net. 

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سعر أونصة الذهب اليوم في السعودية  The following nets are local or regional nets conducted in the Sacramento Mountains area.  All times are MST, unless noted otherwise.

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NM Breakfast Club Net 3.939MHz N/A N/A M-Su 6:30am (6:30am MDT)  
NM Roadrunner Traffic Net 3.939MHz N/A N/A M-Su 6:00pm (7:00pm MDT) NTS Traffic Net
NM Statewide ARES/RACES Net 3.939MHz N/A N/A 1st Su & 3rd Su 6:30pm (7:30pm MDT)  
NM Swap Net 145.350MHz 67.0Hz - Th 8:30pm (8:30pm MDT) Net simulcast on all URFMS & Mega-Link Repeaters
Mountain States Net 3.570MHz N/A N/A M-Su 8:00pm (8:00pm MDT) NTS QRS CW Traffic Net
Twelfth Region Net 3.570MHz N/A N/A M-Su 8:30pm (8:30pm MDT) Twelfth Region CW Net
Twelfth Region Net 3.923MHz N/A N/A M-Su 4:15pm (4:15pm MDT) Twelfth Region SSB Net

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